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RPLS - Radiant Panel Light Shelf

Price Light Shelf Radiant Panels, offer a unique way to passively channel natural daylight while maintaining a comfortable environment with radiant heating or cooling. The upper surface of this panel reflects sunlight on the ceiling of a room, allowing the light to penetrate deeper in the occupied space, reducing the need for artificial lighting. It is also designed to provide shade near the window, preventing excessive lighting and window glare, as well as keeping rooms cool when the temperature rises.

The RPLS is typically installed along the perimeter of a space, in areas with high ceilings and tall windows. The light shelf can be integrated into a new building design or added in a retrofit.


  • Exposed
  • Concealed (up to 36 in.)

Face finish

  • Castellated
  • Smooth

End conditions

  • Bullnose
  • Corner


  • 2 pipe
  • 4 pipe
  • Inactive section
  • Double saddle


  • NPT
  • Sweat


  • Trimmable panel
  • Acoustical insulation
  • Foil backed insulation
  • Mitered corners
  • Activated top


  • Standard white (B12)
  • Custom finishes available