Office Space

Kvadrat Acoustics’ new office extension
–  Copenhagen, Denmark
–  100 sq.m. (1,076 sq.ft.)
–  Completed in 2020



Node Flush Channel
Node Spotlights
Node Linear Lights
Node Sprinklers
Node Camera
Node Multisensor
Node Ceiling Rose
Node Speaker
Node Plenum

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Kvadrat Acoustics

Installing Contractor

By & Havn

In 2020, Kvadrat Acoustics opened their new office extension at its headquarters of Kvadrat Acoustics in Copenhagen, Denmark featuring Node channels and devices by PARC integrated into a suspended Kvadrat Soft Cells ceiling. The extension segregates the focused office space from the bustle of the workshop, offering a focus and collaboration zone while preserving the spirit of the original interior concept.

Furthermore, the extension also acts as a showroom by presenting a Kvadrat Acoustic solution to visitors, which integrates Soft Cells on walls and ceilings, a unique balustrade system, and the Node system. The design of the space also represents the close partnership between PARC and Kvadrat Acoustics by showing the seamless interaction of both products Node and Soft Cells as a complete ceiling solution.

The overarching goal was to reflect the timeless aesthetic and elegance of Kvadrat’s product design, while retaining the visual cues from the former Pakhus industrial architecture. Working in concert with the architect, engineer and contractor, PARC delivered Node, as a one-stop-shop solution to meet both the architect’s design vision and the technical building requirements, without the need to outsource different devices from various manufacturers.

By specifying Node, the architects were able to integrate a visually coordinated family of lighting, multisensor, sprinkler, ceiling rose, speaker, and camera within a white Node Flush Channel and harmonize building services with the overall aesthetic of the project. Node offered a unified system that helped to reduce cabling, infrastructure, and visually cluttered elements, which simplified the installation process and complimented the space perfectly.

In the largest meeting room, the fusion of Node lighting with the classic Soft Cells panels achieved the perfect ambiance and an aesthetic of elegance and beauty that Kvadrat sought to create.

Reimagining building services, a long overlooked yet vitally important aspect of building design, PARC delivered on a system with each components speaking the same design language and can be incorporated into different ceiling types, reflecting the culture of innovation, and continuously pushing the boundaries of architectural ceiling design. 

Included in the Kvardrat Soft Cells Showroom Build

Node Flush Channel


Node Spotlight


Node Linear Light


Node Sprinkler


Node Camera


Node Multisensor


Node Ceiling Rose


Node Speaker


Node Plenum