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A leading real estate investment bank
–  Frankfurt am Main, Germany
–  250 sq.m. (2,690 sq.ft.)
–  Completed in 2020



Weave Radiant Panels

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Kölling Architects


W.H. Müller

In 2020, a leading real estate investment bank opened a 250 square meter office extension in Frankfurt am Main, Germany featuring Node channels and devices by PARC integrated into a freely suspended Kvadrat Soft Cells ceiling.

The extension is on the gallery floor of a historic building opposite the renaissance façade of the Alte Oper. It incorporates an open concept with 16 workstations, café bar, and a lounge area. Contemporary furniture and oak elements lend the space an elegant flair while subtle aesthetic cues serve to distinguish the different work areas.

“The unique and modern design of Node convinced us. Today’s building standards require several different building services devices in the ceiling. Node allows us to design a ceiling with consistent devices.

Kölling Architect

Instead of combining conventional building services devices from different manufacturers within a plasterboard ceiling, the architects were looking for a modern and unique ceiling design that combines both aesthetics and functionality.  Working closely with the architect, engineer and contractor, PARC developed a solution to meet both the architect’s design vision and the technical building requirements.

Apart from creating the modern and unique look the architect desired, this solution was able to conceal the low-hanging ventilation pipes. By specifying Node, the architects were able to ensure a seamless look for the entire ceiling and integrate visually coordinated lighting, emergency lighting, and fire protection elements within a black Node Recessed Channel.

“It was easy to install the Node System. The system is great. From concept to installation, the product is very well thought through.

W.H. Müller

Included in the Opernplatz 14 build

Node Downlight


Node Emergency Light


Node Sprinkler


Node Flush Channel


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