About Us

Our Process

With decades of experience in architectural ceiling design and state of the art manufacturing facilities, PARC is able to offer end-to-end project support.

Our dedicated team of Project Engineers act as your liaison from developing design concepts through to budgeting, scheduling, delivery and installation.   We are more than a manufacturer – we are an integral member of the design process.   

Our Knowledge

Price is the foremost thought leader in the HVAC industry and PARC has expanded this emphasis on knowledge leadership into other areas of the built environment.  Please see below for a list of whitepapers relevant to PARC’s technologies. 

We also offer AIA and RIBA accredited training presentations to allow designers to familiarize themselves with our unique technological innovations.

Our Sustainability Story

Sustainability is central to our ethos at PARC and our products are designed to deliver energy-efficient performance and enhance occupant wellbeing.  Sustainability information is available for all PARC products to support designers pursuing green building certification such as LEED and BREEAM.

We minimize waste generated during the manufacturing process by adhering to our ISO 9001 Quality Management Procedures. Our factory coordinated approach aims to minimize waste on site and our products are also designed to be highly flexible to minimize waste during their lifetime. Our Weave radiant textile panels use a patented tensioning mechanism so that they can be reupholstered, and their components can be reused. Among Node devices our security, emergency lighting and room sensors are fully interchangeable between any Node housing, allowing flexibility for space reconfiguration.

Our Partners

Node was born out of a collaboration between PARC and Foster + Partners’ industrial design team based in London, UK who shared a mutual aim to elevate a long-overlooked, yet vitally important aspect of building design to the level it deserves.

Weave textile radiant panels were developed in collaboration with Kvadrat to complement Kvadrat’s existing line of textile acoustic panels, known as Soft Cells.  These products along with Node, are designed to share a coordinated mounting structure. 

ISP Design and PARC partnered up to design and manufacture the Grid modular ceiling system interlocking components for quick and easy installation and reconfiguration to accommodate evolving space requirements.

The light fixtures featured in the Node system were developed in close coordination with Artemide, with intensive design workshops taking place in both London, United Kingdom and Milan, Italy.