Office Space

A multi-functional collaboration space
–  Leeds, UK
–  300 sq.m. (2,690 sq.ft.)
–  Completed in 2022

Working With…


Silcock Leedham


Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios




Ekho Studio

Imagery by Tom Bird

In 2022 Globe Point office opened its doors in Leeds. Interior designers Ekho Studio, set out to design a fluid workspace that would attract professionals and act as a collaborative community workspace. The 300 m2 ground floor of this seven-story flat iron building is the central hub in which workers and guests gather, Ekho Studio wanted to ensure that this space be as welcoming as possible and that the design embraced the industrial heritage of Holbeck, and its digital future.

Kvadrat was selected as their panels would keep the ceiling surfaces clear of clutter, and the company is known for their commitment to sustainability. Along with the Kvadrat Acoustic panels, PARC’s Node Ceiling System was selected as it works seamlessly with the panels and provides a clean, clutter free design aesthetic.

The lighting in the scheme features semi-recessed spots from Artemide; recessed lights from [PARC] in the ceiling’s NODE system which slots effortlessly between the Kvadrat Soft Cell panels, and which allows the building’s services to be designed holistically, with the additions of LED lighting strips and hand-blown Brokis pendant lights from the Shadow collection to define zones and add depth.

Globe Point, Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios

The Node Ceiling System installed at Globe Point incorporates lighting, security cameras, emergency lighting and airflow. All the Node coordinated building service devices were selected in collaboration with the mechanical and electrical engineers and lighting designers.

A key feature of Node is the ability to provide air distribution to a space. The diffuser is located within the Node Recessed Channel and is completely unseen from the room, making for an even cleaner ceiling plane, whilst delivering thermal comfort for occupants.

The angular geometries that define the different zones of the ground floor space are reflected in the ceiling design. All ceiling elements were customised at the factory to suit the ceiling geometry and match perfectly with the geometry of the acoustic panels. Through installing Node, the designers were able to provide key building services without compromising their design.

Included in the GLOBE POINT build

Node Recessed Channel


Node Linear Light


Node Camera