Luxottica Headquarters

Office Space

Refurbished headquarters of Luxottica
–  Milan, Italy
–  4267 sq.m. (14,000 sq.ft.)
–  Completed in 2022



Weave Radiant Panels

Working With…


Park Associati

Luxottica has long been a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of fashion, luxury and sports eyewear. Thus, when Luxottica completed the refurbishment of its headquarters in the heart of Milan from 2020 through 2022, it was important that the materials selected reflected the iconic nature of this global brand and its surroundings in a global capital for fashion and design.

It was of the utmost importance for Luxottica, as well as its chosen architect, Milan-based Park Associati, that the space expresses innovation and beauty while promoting maximum wellbeing to the indoor environment.

It is in this spirit that Luxottica and Park Associati chose to use Weave Radiant Textile Panels – developed from a collaboration between PARC and Kvadrat Acoustics, throughout the project.   

Populating the corridor ceilings and the ceiling above the main entrance, Weave incorporates copper coils on aluminum saddles to allow for even and effective heat transfer, while the patented textile technology, tensioned across the face of the radiant panel ensures that the full assembly is thermally conductive, therefore thermal comfort as well as energy efficiency is optimized.

“ In this project, we had a strong focus on the thermal, acoustic, and aesthetic elements to enhance wellbeing, and we tried to find these three concepts in one product. We discovered that with the product Weave, from Kvadrat Acoustics and PARC, we had the opportunity to have exactly what we wanted. It’s really a technical solution that gave us the right answers to the question of human wellbeing.” 

Filippo Pagliani, Founder Architect, Park Associati

The reduction in air-side mechanical equipment results in less noise and a quieter occupant experience – the ideal solution to any acoustical challenges of open office spaces dressed in glass and concrete.

Columns were strategically featured throughout to provide structure to the space without compartmentalizing it, also to add a sense of height and stability to the layout. The teams at PARC and Kvadrat capably realized this aesthetic intent by customizing curved trapezium-shaped panels, integrated with lights and diffusers that hugged the beautiful curvature of the building’s façade and created uninterrupted movement across the ceilings throughout the building. Weave brought form and function and elevated the ceiling design to the level that the building deserves.  


Weave Radiant Panel

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