Scott sports headquarters

Office Space

Scott Sports SA new headquarters.
–  Givisiez, Switzerland
–  25,000 sq.m. (278,000 sq.ft.)
–  Completed in 2019

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In June of 2019 Scott Sports SA opened their new headquarters in Givisiez, Switzerland. The new 7-story, 25,000 square meter (278,000-square-foot) facility brings together Scott’s current workforce of 350, and is large enough to accommodate a growing workforce up to 600 employees.

When designing the building, sustainability and innovation in workspace design were very important to the client.

Throughout the building there are several common spaces where acoustics, and occupant comfort were particularly important to Scott. The challenge for the architects, Itten+Brechbühl, was to find a solution that would address these technical requirements while not compromising the interior aesthetic of the different spaces. Weave radiant textile panels by PARC were a natural solution to resolve this tension.

“ With this new building, we put Scott values at the core when starting this ambitious project from scratch. Sustainability and forward thinking, we strongly focused on incorporating the latest technologies available to once more position Scott as an innovation driver. Scott has been in Givisiez for 40 years, now with the new building we have successfully created the infrastructure to allow us to grow even further within the next 40 years.” 

Beat Zaugg, CEO of Scott Sports

Developed in conjunction with Kvadrat Acoustics, Weave panels provide both thermal and acoustic comfort while maintaining a tactile aesthetic. Radiant panels function as part of a hydronic system to deliver sensible heating and cooling in a way that provides superior thermal comfort and improved efficiency compared to all-air systems. Weave is unique in that it features patented Kvadrat textile technology tensioned across the face of the radiant panel, allowing transmission of heat and providing a unique aesthetic without compromising thermal performance. Weave panels feature acoustic insulation behind the surface to meet the required sound absorption criteria in many spaces.

For the Scott project, the Weave panels were customized according to the architect’s specifications. Customization included a diagonal light channel across multiple sections and a fresh air supply integrated behind the panels.

Since opening, the Scott Sport’s project has received multiple awards for its design including the BIM 2017 Gold ARC Award and a nomination for the 2021 German Design Award.


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