Office Space

American Securities office retrofit.
–  Manhattan, New York, USA
–  1,500 sq.m. (16,000 sq.ft.)
–  Completed in 2020

Working With…


 RDA Engineering Consultants 


 HLW International LLP 

In 2020, American Securities, a leading private equity firm, looked to HLW International (HLW) to design an office retrofit for their headquarters in Manhattan that would accommodate their growth.

The 1,500 square meter (16,000-square-foot) reconstruction offers a wide range of meeting rooms, collaboration zones, and areas for client conferencing and networking events. 

 “The process was smooth during construction and installation.” 

 – HLW International

 The client required a functional workplace with a clean and modern aesthetic reflective of their corporate identity, that would support their focused working culture, and allow for further growth within the business. Meeting rooms needed to reflect this aesthetic. Traditional approaches to ceiling design clutter the space and the mind, countering this goal. 

To achieve the desired clean and modern office environment, HLW International (HLW) aimed to incorporate ceiling-mounted MEP devices into technical strips installed between coordinated ceiling panels; minimizing unsightly, yet necessary, interruptions of the clean panel surfaces. 

 Working with PARC’s talented team of engineers, HLW designed sleek, uninterrupted ceilings in meeting rooms and boardrooms using Node Recessed Channels coordinated for installation with Kvadrat Acoustics’ Soft Cells panels and drywall. 

The Node system of integrated building services by PARC delivered the right quality of light for visual comfort, while also facilitating discreet integration of occupancy and daylight sensing, and sprinklers, to create a seamless ceiling design and impart a modern look to the space, perfectly in-sync with the architectural design vision. 

 “Node provided a cleaner look than the other options we considered and simplified the aesthetic coordination of building service devices.” 

 – HLW International

Included in the American Securities build

Node Spotlight


Node Sprinkler


Node Multisensor