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Node Sensor

Node Enlighted Sensor Data Sheet BACnet Multisensor Data Sheet DALI Network Sensor Data Sheet Lutron Pir Sensor Data Sheet


The Node Sensor range includes sensors compatible with BACnet, DALI and Lutron. These devices offer a variety of functions for room control from a single device, as well as a fully featured Enlighted sensor. Available functions include the ability to adjust light levels in response to ambient light levels, as well as occupancy detection. The BACnet Multisensor can also relay room data to a BMS network as part of the Price Total Room Control system.


  • Interchangeable, modular Node device
  • Compatible with BACnet, DALI and Lutron control protocols
  • Detection of occupancy and ambient light conditions
  • Available for Surface Mount, Trimless, Recessed Channel and Flush Channel applications